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At National Fruit Flavor Company, we manufacture and blend flavor concentrates, syrups and extracts for the beverage, food service, dairy, bakery and vitamin supplement industries.  National's customers include Fortune 500 and other large corporations which require strict quality control and manufacturing standards.  We are committed to consistently providing products of the highest quality to all of our customers as well as providing service unmatched in our industry. 

Our on-site laboratory maintains a state of the art quality assurance program.  The lab is fully  equipped and staffed to perform gas chromatography, spectrophotometry, and microbiological testing in support of both the quality assurance program and our product development activities.  Our quality assurance program typically includes production batch testing and sample retention and can be tailored to the special needs of our customers.  The company's laboratory employs full-time staff members to perform quality assurance and product development activities. 

An extensive assortment of products - sold strictly to manufacturers, soft drink bottlers, and distributors - are available.  Our house brands include Zodiac, National, Tasty, Zodiac Flavor Shots, Sno-Ball, Gambelini, Old Comiskey,   Cappuccino Instantaneo,  and Thirstade.