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National's Frozen Beverage System enables the operator to offer a variety of beverages while utilizing only one freezer.  The system consists of Tasty Neutral Base and Zodiac Flavor Shots.  One gallon of Neutral Base is mixed with 4 gallons of water and poured into the machine.  This system makes mixing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks a breeze.  Just add any flavor to the neutral base to produce a variety of made-to-order drinks in seconds.  For more information on this product or to see a list of flavors available in Zodiac Flavor Shots, please click here

Zodiac Frozen Beverage Syrups are specially formulated for frozen cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks and work well in any type of frozen beverage equipment or blender.  Designed to create great tasting, eye appealing frozen drinks, Zodiac syrups produce excellent crystallization, run clean in your machine, and are economical to use.  For extra fruit flavor, try our line of Zodiac Deluxe syrups containing 10% real fruit juice in the finished product or try one of our Zodiac Creme syrups for a great tasting, creamy beverage without the hassle of using milk products.  For more information on these products, please click here.

Tasty Shake Flavoring Syrup is specially designed for use with automatic shake flavoring equipment and will impart excellent flavor and color into your shakes.  One ounce of this product may also be added manually to a vanilla shake to produce a variety of great tasting shakes without the use of special equipment.  For more information about this product, please click here.